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AFK Journey reroll guide

Our AFK Journey reroll guide walks you through the process of starting fresh to get the best pulls and premium currencies from the jump.

A lute-playing bunny boy character from AFK Journey relaxing on grass.

How do you reroll in AFK Journey? To keep yourself from struggling with a poor character pool later down the line, it helps to reset your mobile gacha game accounts early on, making the most of the generous pulls while they last to form top-tier teams that can stand the test of time.

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How to reroll in AFK Journey

There are two known ways to reroll in AFK Journey right now; one risks you falling behind other players, and the other requires multiple email addresses. Decide what matters to you the most and pick the matching method.

How to reroll in AFK Journey using multiple email addresses

If keeping up with the other players on your server is important, you’ll want to set up as many email addresses as you can to reroll in AFK Journey. The method beyond that is simple. Make an account, use up the early pulls, and open a new account with another email address if you need to try again. The faster you can pull off the sequence, the easier time you’ll have keeping up with others on the server.

How to reroll in AFK Journey by server hopping

If you don’t mind potentially falling behind other players and staying competitive isn’t a big concern, server-hopping is the best way to reroll in AFK Journey.

For this, log in with your preferred email address. Use up the free summons and see what you get. If you’re not happy with the results, log out, change your server, and enter the game again.

Progress is saved on a per-server basis. You start fresh whenever you enter the game through a new server. This allows you to make as many fresh starts as there are servers, all with a single email.

The idea is to start the reroll journey on the newest server, going through in order of age until you get the reroll results you want. The longer it takes, the further behind you’ll be compared to other players on the server.

Should you reroll in AFK Journey?

While rerolling in AFK Journey is the best way to start the game optimally, it can be a bit of a faff in its current implementation. There’s every chance the whole process could change with future updates, but right now, we’d still say it’s worth the hassle if you’re willing to set aside the time.

Carolina in AFK Journey.

Who should you reroll for in AFK Journey?

The AFK Journey pity system is generous. It virtually guarantees access to a top-tier tank in Lucius, a remarkable DPS in Cecia, and one of the high-ranking supports like Rowan, Smokey & Meerky, and Hewynn.

This largely discourages a need to perform an AFK Journey reroll for most players. You can get a story-beating account without much effort.

If you want the best of the best, though, you’ll want to try to grab top-tier (S-level) characters between these pity pulls. Granny Dahnie and Thoran both stand out, easily eclipsing Lucius in the tank role, who falls off in performance quickly and can greatly limit the power of the remaining team once he’s picked off.

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