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Songs of Conquest expansion announced along with two new factions

Songs of Conquest is one of the biggest indie success stories of the year, and the game's first expansion has been revealed

Songs of Conquest has been heralded by hardcore strategy game fans since it launched on Steam just one week ago. The game, developed by Lavapoint and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, is such a success off the bat that the game’s post-release content roadmap has already been revealed, giving players a look at what’s to come for the next year-plus, including two new factions as well as multiple DLC packs.

Turn-based strategy game fans are eating well this year. Songs of Conquest, arguably the biggest launch in the strategy genre this year, launched out of early access into the 1.0 version on May 20.

The game, which has been in early access for over a year, has already sold 500,000 copies. Songs of Conquest is Sweedish developer Lavapoint’s first game, so it’s an instant success for the indie developers.

The announcement of the strong early sales for the game came along with a handful of other announcements for the game’s future, including a huge new roadmap for what content will be released for the game in the coming year.

To start, a new DLC called Rise Eternal will be launched in the Fall of 2024, which will bring a new campaign. Then in Winter of 2024, another DLC pack, titled Essence Awakened, will launch.

Songs of Conquest’s first big expansion, titled Bleak East, was also announced. This expansion, set for launch in the Spring of 2025, will deliver one large campaign, as well as two new playable factions in the Vanir and Roots.

In 2025, two other DLC packs are set for launch, which as of now, are untitled.

If you’ve been interested in the strategy game, now might be the best time to purchase it. Songs of Conquest is on Steam sale for 20% off at $27.99 / £21.95 until May 27 at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm BST. That means you’ll have to act fast to nab this deal.

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