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Gorgeous pixel art fantasy game sets a launch date, and it’s very soon

Songs of Conquest, a mixture of Heroes of Might and Magic 2, Civilization 6, and Endless Legend, is just about to leave Steam Early Access.

Gorgeous pixel art fantasy game sets a launch date, and it's very soon: A man with a beard and rats on his shoulders, from Songs of Conquest.

Songs of Conquest has stayed on our radar since it was first announced all the way back in 2019 as a modern, beautiful looking twist on strategy classic Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 4X mainstays Civilization 6, Endless Legend, and Stellaris. Since then, it’s been put out on Steam Early Access and steadily progressed toward its final launch, attracting a strong player base and ‘Very Positive’ reviews. Now, after years of waiting, Songs of Conquest creator Lavapotion has announced that the game is finally about to come out in its finished form.

Songs of Conquest is a strategy game that, like Heroes of Might and Magic, emphasizes RPG game elements in its turn-based design. As magicians dubbed ‘Wielders,’ players are tasked with exploring the game’s fantasy world while also building and managing their own empire and conducting tactical battles.

Now, with its 1.0 launch on the horizon, Songs of Conquest will complete its vision of fantasy warfare through a hefty update. This includes its fourth campaign, which casts players as a Wielder called Bhigli, and will feature a storyline that explores the fiction’s ‘mercenary tinkerers.’

Though 1.0 might represent a major milestone, Lavapotion explains in a Steam post that “the end of a chapter marks the beginning of another!” It then goes on to explain that it’s currently “finalizing plans for more content, updates, and general improvements” and will share further news in the lead up to Songs of Conquest’s 1.0 launch on May 20.

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