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Sonic Frontiers Cyberspace levels are remixes of the classics

Sega has finally lifted the lid on the rumoured Sonic Frontiers Cyberspace levels, confirming them as remixed new takes on classic Sonic levels like Green Hill

Sonic hunts for keys in the Sonic Frontiers cyberspace missions

After a lot of rumours, Sega has finally revealed the Sonic Frontiers Cyberspace levels at the Nintendo Direct show, confirming these missions as remixed takes on classic Sonic the Hedgehog levels like the original Green Hill Zone.

Despite the series’ checkered history, the Sonic games boast some of the best platform games of all time, so it was always intriguing when Sonic Frontiers was confirmed as more of an open-world game – basically a weird spin on Elden Ring, in fact.

For anyone not convinced, the Cyberspace levels should be more in line with expectations as they are remixes of classic levels in the style of Sonic Generations – a little like the ‘warp zone’ levels of Super Mario Sunshine. The trailer confirms takes on Green Hill and either Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure) or Empire City (Sonic Unleashed). Entrances to Cyberspace levels can be found all over the world map, according to Sega, although you’ll need to complete challenges to get the “portal gears” to open them. Completing a Cyberspace level will give you a Vault Key, which is apparently needed to progress in the game.

You can check out the trailer below.

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There’s still no exact release date for Sonic Frontiers, although November 2022 seems a likely bet.

As for right now, the classic collection Sonic Origins is now released, although it’s had its fair share of troubles along the way.