There’s a Sonic Frontiers fishing game with Big the Cat

Big the Cat is back, baby. Yes, the portly fisherman of the Sonic the Hedgehog series is back, along with a Sonic Frontiers fishing minigame - for some reason

Big the Cat returns in the Sonic Frontiers fishing minigame oh god why

We still don’t know the Sonic Frontiers release date but we now know two far more important facts about the first Sonic the Hedgehog open-world game – there’s a Sonic Frontiers fishing minigame, and Big the Cat is leading it. It’s a game of the year contender now.

If there’s one thing fans of the Sonic platform game series constantly complain about, it’s that there hasn’t been a fishing minigame in the games since 1998’s Sonic Adventure. Poor fisherman Big the Cat hasn’t really been in the series either since 2003’s Sonic Heroes, which featured an upsetting lack of fishing.

Well, that’s apparently set to change, as the latest issue of Game Informer confirms that not only does Big the Cat and his frog pal Froggy feature in Sonic Frontiers, but there’s a fishing minigame too. According to the article, spotted by (sigh) @regularpanties on Twitter,

Catching fish gives the player tokens which they can spend on “Portal Gear fragments, voice diaries, Vault Keys, or even sequence items like Amy’s heart collectible.” Portal gears are used to open up the classic level-themed Cyberspace missions, so this seems worth doing.

You can’t just fish anytime, either, as you have to find purple coins found around the Starfall Islands to give to Big to unlock further fishing missions. Who knew that Big the Cat was a capitalist?

You can check out our preview for Sonic Frontiers and how it’s a weird spin on Elden Ring at that link. We’ll find out more when Sonic Frontiers releases in – oh, we’ll say (throws dart) November. Probably.