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Sonic Frontiers reviews - our roundup of the critics’ scores

The new open-world iteration of the blue blur is almost here, so we did a roundup of some major Sonic Frontiers reviews so you get a consensus on Sega’s latest

Sonic Frontiers reviews - our roundup of the critics’ scores: Sonic the Hedgehog camera close up, looking determined at the screen

The Sonic Frontiers reviews are in, and Sega’s latest appears to be somewhat divisive as the hedgehog goes for a full on open-world game for the first time. All these Sonic Frontiers reviews are a big moment for the blue blur, as the core gameplay has moved from 2D to 3D to boost the formula, and now to open-world, which the series will apparently adopt for years going forward.

So, what’s the verdict? Well that largely depends on who you ask, but the overall consensus is that this is exactly what Sonic needs, with most Sonic Frontiers reviews boasting favourable scores that praise the new open-world approach. Less favourable Sonic Frontiers reviews indicate that level design is flat, open-world tasks are like any other mundane game in the genre, and that there’s some sub-par platforming.

Sonic fans have mostly come together to praise the narrative, at least. While still filled with your typical Sonic dialogue and characters, there’s apparently some good storytelling and ideas here, with emotional moments given the appropriate amount of weight, too.

Without diving too much into aggregate scores, it looks like Sonic Frontiers reviews are swaying more towards the positive side, with only a few truly negative ones out there at the moment.

That said, quite a few outlets (ours included) didn’t get review codes, so expect more reviews to flood in throughout the week.

Here’s some other site’s Sonic Frontiers review scores

While the scores do range a fair bit across the board, it looks like Sonic Frontiers reviews are favourable. If you’re excited for the hedgehog’s latest then we’ve got the Sonic Frontiers release date, trailers and all gameplay for you alongside the Sonic Frontiers system requirements for your PC as well.