Not so fast: Sonic Mania’s PC release has been pushed to the end of August

Sonic Mania Delayed Headcannon PAX West

Mere days away from its original release date, Sonic Mania has been delayed on PC. While console editions will still launch on August 15, the PC version is being pushed back.

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According to a statement posted on the official Sonic Twitter account, the PC edition is being delayed until August 29 for further polish. To compensate players who either purchased the PC Collector’s Edition or pre-ordered the game, a copy of Sonic 1 is being given away – with those who already own it getting a giftable and tradeable copy instead.

This is a very last-minute delay, suggesting the PC port is having some potentially significant problems at the moment. At least we still have that utterly fantastic intro cinematic to enjoy during the long, arduous wait.