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Sonic fans love this ‘leaked’ movie redesign - let’s hope it’s real

An alleged look of the Sonic movie's redesign has leaked, and fans are hoping it's real.

The live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie was supposed to be out this year, but was delayed after the fan reaction to the first trailer – which was a mix of horrified and dismayed. Even Sonic’s co-creator Yuji Naka was upset about the movie’s design, but at the very least – the production heard the fans’ concerns, and delayed the Sonic movie to February 14 next year.

Now we may possibly have a look at the proposed redesign of the movie Sonic the Hedgehog, via Twitter user @bestinthegalaxy. If genuine, the redesign seems to stick a lot closer to the original games’ design  – with the eyes in particular being far less creepy. The first picture appears to be from the movie’s poster, or possibly a book cover.

There is reason to cast doubt on these pictures, especially as we don’t know anything about the source – who admits that they are not “one of those accounts that leak things and shares news”, and doesn’t say where they got the pictures from.

Nevertheless, the fan reaction to these blurry pictures has been extremely positive. Most are praying that the leak is legit, or just outright calling it “beautiful“. Hopefully the movie’s production company is paying attention, as – real or not – this is exactly what the fans want to see.

Tim Miller, the producer of the Sonic movie, suggested that he saw the proposed redesign a few months ago and that the “fans will be pleased” – which is certainly in line with what we’re seeing today. Furthermore, the more-horrifying original Sonic movie design leaked several months prior to the trailer, so this isn’t without precedent – although then it had the opposite reaction from fans.

With the Sonic movie now down for Valentine’s Day 2020 – so just five months away at this point – it’s entirely possible a new trailer with the redesign will drop sometime this year. Guess we’ll find out then if these alleged leaks are accurate.