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Sons of the Forest now lets you drive golf carts and place frogs

The newest patch for Sons of the Forest is bringing all sorts of random features to the game, from functional golf carts to decorative froggies.

Sons of the Forest is one of those horror games that can be equally as silly as it is scary, making for a humorous yet thrilling experience. The developers are always looking to add more to the early access sequel, whether that be in the form of mutant bosses to fight or areas to explore. Sons of the Forest‘s newest update, Patch 07, showcases the game’s variety as it packs a punch of both funny and frightening features, from cute decorative frogs to terrifying enemy encounters.

Endnight Games has just dropped one of the biggest updates yet for Sons of the Forest, and it’s bringing much more than just bug fixes. One of the most important changes to note includes the implementation of dedicated servers, which all players will have access to via Steam’s built-in tools. Patch 07 is also overhauling the game’s stunning map by adding even more lakes, ponds, streams, and waterfalls to the East side. Along with the more aesthetically pleasing additions, we can also expect to encounter more cannibal camps, rope bridges, and more in-game.

A screenshot showing how to use dedicated servers for Sons of the Forest on Steam

For those of us interested in Sons of the Forest’s intriguing story, the patch is adding a new end boss battle and cutscene. There are also new story note pickup locations strewn about the map to discover. If you’re more of a creative player, the update is introducing a variety of decorative features, from new stone doorways, pillars, shutters, struts, windows, and more. There is also a new stone holder structure.

If you like frogs, because who doesn’t like frogs, you can also now place decorative versions of the lil’ green guys on your base. Did we mention they sit on lily pads and chirp? If you however prefer hunting animals rather than keeping them as decorative pets, animal head trophies are also coming with the patch. You can hunt for the trophies with the game’s newest weapon, the rifle. The moment all of us have been waiting for is also arriving as Sons of the Forest finally lets us use the golf carts. Yep, you can now drive golf carts which means getting around the giant map will be a lot more easy and fun.

A white golf cart sits on a grassy field in Sons of the Forest

Other new gameplay features include an overhauled water system, meaning that you will need to make sure your water is clean before drinking it. Drinking dirty water will now cause a small amount of health damage, so you will have to boil water or collect the rain in a collector for access to clean water.

Aside from all of the additions, there are improvements being made such as stones doing damage when throne, wall shelves storing new items, and clothing changes. Various balance, bug, and graphical changes or fixes are also being implemented. You can view the full patch notes on Sons of the Forest’s Steam storefront here if you want a more detailed look at the additions and tweaks.

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