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Gorgeous Viking strategy game is like a 2D Valheim, out now on Steam

Sons of Valhalla is a blend of 2D action and base-building strategy games, raiding your way across England as a group of Viking warriors.

Sons of Valhalla - A bearded Viking warrior folds his arms.

After much anticipation, Sons of Valhalla is out now on Steam. Mixing strategic base-building and management with action-led combat as you join your army on the frontlines, this beautiful Viking game is basically a 2D answer to the mighty Valheim. If you’re seeking similar setups to the setting of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, love the likes of Skyrim and The Banner Saga, or have a hankering ahead of Hellblade 2, Sons of Valhalla might be just what you’re after – and it’s available to buy now with a launch discount available in a special Steam sale if you’re quick.

You are Thorald Olavson, a Viking warrior with one purpose in mind: travelling to England to take revenge on the Jarl who burned down your home and kidnapped your beloved partner. Arriving on the shores of England, you and your fellow Sons of Valhalla must establish a base of operations, a stronghold from which to branch out in this action strategy game.

Rather than the fantasy monsters of Valheim, then, here it’s rival armies that stand in your way. You’ll construct and upgrade your facilities, gathering resources from the land above and pillaging enemy towns for additional supplies as you grow your outposts into reinforced villages, expanding your territory in battle and laying down defensive structures to help you contest any attempts by your foes to retake their land.

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How you approach these battles is up to you – opt for a mass of weaker units that are faster and cheaper to recruit, train, and equip, or tool up a force of elite swordsmen and shieldmaidens to fight by your side. Opt for flaming archers and siege weaponry to bring down enemy structures in a blaze of glory, or go for heavy-swinging berserkers and recruit shaman that can keep your troops in a fighting fit state for longer.

With Odin himself at your back, you’re blessed with the gift of immortality – although it comes at a cost, and a price must be paid with each death that could force you to rethink your next move. At certain key moments, you may also be forced to take on enemy leaders in one-on-one duels where only your strength will suffice. If you want a job done right, after all, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Sons of Valhalla is out now on Steam. It’s also at a 10% discount until Friday April 19 in a launch Steam sale, meaning you’ll pay just $17.99/£16.19 if you buy it before then, or $19.99/£17.99 afterwards.

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