Free PC game – Devil May Cry meets Berserk in stylish hack-and-slash

Soulstice is a free game this week, so grab this stylish action hit while you can and explore its dark fantasy world inspired by DMC, Berserk, and Dark Souls.

Free PC game Soulstice - A sharp-toothed figure wearing an eyepatch gives a wide smile.

Free PC games are always nice, so when one comes along that blends the stylish action game formula of Devil May Cry with dark fantasy aesthetics inspired by the likes of beloved anime Berserk, the Dark Souls series, and Final Fantasy, it’s a good time to take advantage. You don’t have long to grab this one for free, so be sure to pick it up while you can.

Between its name and the dark fantasy setting, Soulstice might immediately conjure thoughts of an ‘anime Dark Souls’ game – though perhaps a better touchstone for its style is one of FromSoftware’s biggest inspirations for that series, Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga. Put away those preconceptions of slow, measured gameplay, however – Soulstice is a stylish action game featuring fast-paced hack-and-slash combat and high-spectacle boss fights. And for one week only, it’s also joining the ranks of the best free PC games, so don’t miss out.

In Soulstice, you’ll actually take charge of two characters – sisters Briar and Lute. The former is your first port of call, continuing the Berserk theme by bringing a giant greatsword to the fray in true Guts fashion. Lute, whose soul has been bound to her sister leaving her but a shade, is able to utilize potent, otherworldly abilities to help Briar control the battlefield.

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The powers you wield must be put to good use if you’re to protect humanity from the terrifying Wraiths that have pierced the veil between worlds, possessing the bodies of unfortunate souls and transforming them into dangerous beasts. You’ll get access to a variety of weapons and abilities as you progress, and learn the truth of Lute and Briar’s origins.

If that all sounds a bit overwhelming, there are actually two free games on the Epic Game Store this week. Model Builder is about as far removed from the high-octane thrills of Soulstice as you can get, instead allowing you to build and paint all manner of beautiful models and figurines in a delightful simulation game that circumnavigates the ever-present real world threat of misplaced paint that comes with the territory.

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Soulstice is a free game via the Epic Games Store from September 28 to October 5, and is yours to keep once claimed. You can also get Model Builder for free during this same period. For all that high-octane anime action, head to the Soulstice page here to claim your copy, and then don’t forget to grab Model Builder here as well to relax your brain afterwards.

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