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Runescape dev shuts down space ARPG and offers refunds to all players

Runescape developer Jagex is closing down its sci-fi ARPG Space Punks and refunding every player who has made an in-game purchase, citing “market conditions.”

Space Punks shut down: A bandit character from ARPG game Space Punks, published by Runescape creator Jagex

Runescape developer Jagex is closing down ARPG Space Punks following “careful consideration of market conditions.” Developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Jagex, Space Punks first launched as a live service RPG game in 2021, but support for the game will now end and it will become unavailable to purchase or play before the end of 2023. In a statement, the makers of Space Punk say that players who have made in-game purchases will receive refunds, and that social media channels connected to the game will also be closed down.

As of this writing, Space Punks is now unavailable to purchase from the Epic Games Store, having been removed on Tuesday, September 5. The game’s creators say the decision to discontinue the game has been “tough.”

“It is with a heavy heart that we share this news regarding Space Punks,” a statement explains. “Flying Wild Hog and Jagex regretfully announce the discontinuation of support for Space Punks. This decision follows careful consideration of market conditions and our goals and, while tough, it was deemed necessary.

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“Our mission is to craft games that stay close to gamers’ hearts for years. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of you who joined us on this journey, from early access to Open Beta. Your feedback has been invaluable. A special thank you to the Space Punks team, for your dedication, hard work and energy.”

Current Space Punks accounts will remain active until Monday, November 6 when the game’s servers will be permanently shut down, effectively closing the game forever. The Space Punks social media channels, including its subreddit, will also be closed. The makers of Space Punks say there will not be any further in-game events, nor a special farewell event to mark the game’s closure.

Anyone who has made a purchase in Space Punks can apply for a refund, while items bought in the game can still be used until the closure date of Monday, November 6.

Space Punks shut down: A statement from Runescape developer Jagex confirming the closure of sci-fi ARPG game Space Punks

“Accounts will remain active until November 6, giving you time to bid farewell and connect with friends,” the makers of Space Punks say. “As the sunsetting date approaches, please note that in-game items will remain accessible until November 6. We hope you enjoy your remaining time within the Space Punks universe and make the most of your items before the closure.

“Recognizing the money you’ve spent in the game, we’re offering players the opportunity to seek refunds for their in-game purchases through the Epic store.” You can find more information on how to obtain a refund for Space Punks right here.

If the closure of Space Punks leaves a hole in your gaming life, you might want to try some of the other greatest games like Diablo. There are also plenty of fantastic upcoming games on their way in 2023 and beyond.