Spellbreak now has as many players as New Zealand has people

Plus 25 billion collective spell damage done

Class-based magic-flinger Spellbreak may have only materialised into being at the start of the month, but according to the battle royale game’s official Twitter page, it’s already boasting some magical metrics. Despite jostling for space among some of the world’s biggest games, the new kid in the battle royale playground has already racked up a whopping five million players. That’s about as many units as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sold. It’s also roughly the same population as New Zealand. Or, if you want a much more meaningless statistic, it’s 10% of the number of Marmite jars produced every year.

Alongside the five million players, the Spellbreak Twitter account also shared some other metrics. There’s been four million hours watched on Twitch so far, and another four million messages shared in the game’s Discord server. It also posted the statistic that players have inflicted 25 billion collective spell damage on each other. Ouch.

The free PC game has been free-to-play since launch, with developer Proletariat opting for in-game purchases, such as ‘founders packs’, to support the title. Inspired by the likes of H1Z1, Spellbreak also differentiates itself by its lack of guns – instead allowing players to batter each other with elemental-based magic.

The developers have listed classic anime films like Akira and Princess Mononoke as influences on Spellbreak’s distinctive style.

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