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Is Spine on Game Pass?

Find out if you’re going to need to renew your videogame subscription as we get to the bottom of whether Spine is coming to Game Pass.

Is Spine on Game Pass? Channel your inner John Wick and sharpen up your ‘gun fu’ skills as Redline, a rebellious street artist with a bone to pick with society. In this near-future Cyberpunk world, Redline must deal with the oppressive AI regime that has control over everything. Luckily, she’s got a trick up her sleeve which is guaranteed to level the odds.

In this action game, Redline’s combat abilities have been drastically enhanced with a combat implant called Spine. With her newly found fighting skills, she can karate chop and blast her way out of any dangerous situation. Nekki, the developer behind the indie game, is known for its smash-hits on mobile devices, including Shadow Fight and the Vector series. Here’s everything we know about whether Spine is coming to Game Pass.

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Is Spine on Game Pass?

No, there’s currently no indication whether Spine is coming to Game Pass in 2024. With the game appearing to be in early development, it could be some time before this is confirmed either way.

While Microsoft is known for bringing smaller titles to its subscription service, Nekki hasn’t publicly announced any collaboration with the software giants. Judging by the official Spine Twitter account, there haven’t been many updates on the game’s development since the gameplay trailer dropped in November 2023.

There’s also reason to believe Spine may be early in development, as the official gameplay trailer doesn’t appear to show any gameplay. Nekki is using Unreal Engine 5 to create Spine, yet the graphics displayed in the trailer don’t appear to match anything we’ve seen from other games built in UE5.

That’s all we know about Spine on Game Pass. Sadly, fans may be waiting beyond 2024 to get their hands on Spine based on what Nekki has revealed so far. Take a look at our list of the best fighting games and the best story games if you want to check out games similar to Spine.