Spintires: MudRunner is absolutely filthy and due out in October

Spintires: MudRunner

Whenever I feel a bit burned out, writing about videogames all day long, I just remember that Spintires – a game about driving across very muddy fields – exists, and that it’s actually really good. There are no high-speed races or flashy sports cars – just loads and loads of mud, and dirty vehicles attempting not to sink into it. It’s glorious. And now it’s getting an enhanced edition, Spintires: MudRunner, which almost sounds like a sequel. 

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This new edition includes a new sandbox map – connecting each of the game’s five environments into one big, muddy wonderland – a graphical overhaul, nine new maps dedicated to a challenge mode, and 13 new vehicles.

Aside from just enjoying a muddy holiday in Russia, Spintires also tasks players with various challenges, like hauling junk around the countryside and mucking around with lumber. But the real joy is in traversing the inhospitable landscape, trying to find the best way to get across a river or a sea of damp dirt. Under the bonnet is a physics sim, making vehicles and the terrain react appropriately to weight and movement.

Spintires: MudRunner is due out in October, and owners of the original will be able to pick it up for 50% off on Steam. This discount also stacks with the 10% special offers for all pre-orders. Without the discounts it’s £24.99/$29.99.