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Superb Steam FPS game, rated ‘very positive,’ has almost no players

An incredible mix of Cyberpunk 2077 and Doom Eternal, one of 2023’s best new FPS games somehow has fewer than 40 players on Steam right now.

Sprawl Steam FPS game: A shotgun from Steam FPS game Sprawl

Cyberpunk 2077 meets Doom Eternal meets Titanfall 2. Now, I’m not a game-maker, but I would say that sounds like a pretty good recipe. You’ve got fast-paced, run-and-gun action, stark, sci-fi visuals, and the type of parkour and wall running that we all miss from Respawn’s underplayed FPS campaign. Then again, 2023 was an exceptionally busy year. Between all the Starfields, Diablo 4s, and Baldur’s Gates 3s, it’s little wonder some superlative games just didn’t get the attention they deserved. With a flashy new update and a big discount, one of the best shooters of the past 12 months – and maybe more – is just waiting for you to scoop it up on Steam. With a criminally low player count despite rave user reviews, this is a bona fide hidden gem.

This is Sprawl, a “hardcore retro” FPS game from first-time developer Maeth. In a dystopian cyberpunk hellhole, your job is to escape from waves of sci-fi cops and bloodthirsty mercenaries using acrobatics, bullet time, and an arsenal of guns that would make Doomguy jealous. We’ve seen a lot of old-school boomer shooters over the last five years, but Sprawl lands somewhere in the middle, blending modern mechanics and movement with striking, chunky visuals and a no-nonsense focus on raw action.

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Originally released in August 2023, Sprawl’s highest concurrent player count is 182. As of this writing, fewer than 40 people have logged into Valve’s store to play Sprawl at the same time during the last 24 hours.

Sprawl Steam FPS game: A comparison of player stats for Steam FPS game Sprawl

Frankly, this game deserves a lot more attention. Maeth has just launched a substantive new patch, adding new maps and collectibles, and Sprawl is now available at 50% off until Monday March 4. With a ‘very positive’ rating based on player reviews, if you’re looking for a new cult classic, Sprawl is an absolute must have. You can get it here.

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