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Is your internet connection Google Stadia ready? Find out here

Google has partnered up with M-Lab (Measurement Lab) to provide a speed tester catered to the Google Stadia service

Google Stadia

Pumped for Google Stadia? I’m not, it could spell the end for us hardware journalists. Don’t worry, you’re free to enjoy streaming to your heart’s content. Just know you’re hurting me a little every time you login. If you want to check if your internet is ready for the barrage of bits and bytes necessary for a smooth 4K, HDR gaming experience, you best press on.

Google has partnered up with M-Lab (Measurement Lab) to provide a network speed tester catered to the Google Stadia service. Stadia will run at 720p, 60fps on a minimum connection of 10Mbps, but you’ll want something a little more capable than that for a truly smooth, lag-free experience. Google recommends a 35Mbps connection for the best experience, and you’ll definitely be needing that chunky connection if you intend on opting for the Pro 4K HDR package.

To check if your connection is ready, use this link to head directly to the speed tester. Then click on check now to initiate the network test. Make sure to cancel any ongoing downloads, uploads, and streaming apps that might otherwise be hogging all your bandwidth and skewing your results.

Once you run the test, which should complete in roughly 30 seconds or so, you’ll be presented with your results.

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We’re pretty lucky round these parts, managing a speed of 109Mbps (humblebrag), which means we’re all set for a great Stadia connection when the service launches later this year.

Google Stadia network requirements

The Google Stadia Founder Edition is available to pre-order right now if you’re into that kind of reckless, blind spending. This kit will set you back $129 and net you a Chromecast Ultra, Stadia controller, three months of Stadia Pro, a three-month buddy pass, the complete Destiny 2 package, and first pick of your unique Stadia username.

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