STALKER 2 uses Epic’s Unreal, but “this announcement has nothing to do with platforms”

STALKER 2 emerges from the mists with a new announcement

STALKER 2 was officially announced back in 2017, though more than a bit prematurely. The announcement served to drum up social media support and help find a STALKER 2 publisher, though it would be another year before we got to see the first bits of art and music from the game – never mind a STALKER 2 release date.

Today, GSC Game World has announced that the new game will make use of Epic’s Unreal Engine, partly because the tech will make mod support easier. “It gives the opportunity to make the game you wait for with the atmosphere of tension and mystery the flesh and blood of the STALKER universe,” the devs write on Twitter.

“Additionally, Unreal Engine harmonizes well with our goal to make modding more easy and accessible. User modifications help the world of the Zone live on while we are busy with making a sequel, and we can’t be more grateful for that.” As for how far into development STALKER 2 actually is, well… that’s going to remain a mystery for now.

While a formal announcement of a partnership with Epic might suggest that platform exclusivity will follow, GSC says you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. “Yes, we know what you are thinking about, but this announcement has nothing to do with platforms or digital stores. We will talk about this later.”

Oh, there is some bread, at least.

The original STALKER remains one of the most original open-world games of its era, so there’s good reason to look forward to a follow-up – but we’re a long way from seeing whether this sequel makes good on that promise.