Standby for Titanfall: PC players can now pre-load via Origin

Titanfall is the first FPS - or indeed, first anything - from Infinity Ward veterans Respawn.

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

If you’re going to succeed in the rubble-troubled streets of Angel City, you’re going to need to improve your timing. You’ll want to engage your camo at such a time that you can dart from one window to another unseen. You’ll have to reload your rockets before that fellow Titan rounds the corner, not afterwards.

The improvement program starts here. Pre-load your copy of Titanfall before it unlocks on Origin later this week, and that’s 50GB you won’t have to install while everybody else is hopping off roofs and stabbing strangers with data knives.

Titanfall is only(!) 20GB to download, thankfully – but when unpacked on your PC like a marquee of space murder, it’ll take up around 50GB.

It’s officially released on March 14 – but as is now the norm on Steam and Origin, players with pre-ordered copies are already able to download the game in preparation. In an age of digital distribution where bandwidth is still a bottleneck, that’s fast becoming the only compelling reason to buy PC games before you know how many bugs they’re bundled with.

For what it’s worth, this one felt extraordinarily focused and polished during our brief time in the Titanfall beta. Not one of our four pilots reported bugs or texture pop-in. Only occasional stutter at the highest graphic settings threatened to spoil our mech-augmented fun.

Lookee here for Titanfall’s minimum requirements, which aren’t especially taxing. In fact, beta Titanfall drivers for integrated Intel graphics suggest it’ll run a treat on laptops and Windows tablets. Are you up for some low-fi jetpack shenanigans?