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Star Citizen is briefly going free-to-play to bring in new players

Star Citizen will be free to play later in November, giving new players a chance to try out the space simulation game for the first time.

Star Citizen free to play: a close up on a female admiral of some sort on a spaceship brig

Star Citizen, which may very well be the most expensive ongoing videogame ever made, is going to be free-to-play for two weeks to celebrate IAE 2953, the biggest spaceship show within the space game. So if you’ve been on the fringes of the ever-evolving and incredibly in-depth online simulator and want to give it a try, you’re about to get the chance.

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2953 (or IAE for short) is the “biggest ship show” in Star Citizen, and this year the event will turn the space game free-to-play for a limited time. As someone who recently got into FFXIV because of the free trial, making a community-driven and complex game like this free is a great way to attract newbies, and have veterans help them along.

With Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 single-player game closer than ever and this free period incoming, it’s the perfect time to play. IAE will also let you test fly over 100 spaceships and vehicles for free, be filled with announcements, and even give you special-edition paints and in-game items, so it’s the perfect time to lift SC up.

There’s even an entire schedule during IAE’s run time of the different fictional spaceship companies, so there will always be something to see during the event.

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It’s not like the game needs it though, as Star Citizen’s funding costs recently exceeded Cyberpunk, GTA 5, and RDR 2 combined. That number keeps going even higher, too, because, as of publication, 4.8 million players have raised over $622 million (or £506 million) – as each goal sees developer Cloud Imperium Games promise a new feature.

If you’re looking to give Star Citizen a try the free period runs from Friday, November 17 to Thursday, November 30. After this, you can get access by buying different packs, with the cheapest starter pack coming in at $45. While this sets you up, long-time players choose to buy more ships and extras, which goes to Star Citizen’s ongoing development costs.

You can learn more here about installing the Star Citizen launcher ahead of the free-to-play event. You can buy ship insurance as well, but that will be properly earnable whenever Star Citizen actually launches.

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