Star Citizen patch 3.19 is the perfect place to start

Star Citizen patch 3.19 is out now, and the Call to Adventure update offers an improved new player experience along with a tractor beam for the space game.

Star Citizen patch 3.19 - a man with a shaved head looks around a space station with a slightly confused expression on his face

Star Citizen patch 3.19 is out now, and it aims to provide an easier entry point than ever for new players coming to one of the most ambitious space games. If you’ve ever wanted to try Star Citizen, the Call to Adventure update promises to make now a great time to jump on board, so to speak. Veteran players have plenty to look forward to as well, with the introduction of a tractor beam and a new player-led PvP event among the other highlights.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Call to Adventure, to give it its full title, introduces a more guided experience to help ease newcomers into the basics of surviving Star Citizen. You’ll learn how to use your mobiGlas, get around cities on foot, and head to the spaceport to get behind the controls of a C8 Pisces ship and take your first test flight.

Also included in the update is a new tractor beam tool, which follows on from the expanded salvage mechanics introduced with Star Citizen patch 3.18. This will allow you to more easily attach or detach items from ship item ports, and can be used “for component replacement, like changing mining heads, or salvaging intact, valuable cargo from wrecks.” That’s just the initial implementation, suggesting we might see more uses for it in the future.

Star Citizen patch 3.19 - a ship mines salvage from a wrecked vessel's hull.

Ghost Hollow, the small settlement aboard a derelict Reclaimer wreck on microTech, is the home to a new event that players can participate in to earn United Earth Credits, the main in-game currency. By switching off the comms array, players have the opportunity to activate terminals that generate UEC while active. However, doing so alerts the whole server to your actions, drawing the attention of AI guards as well as any players who might look to swoop in and claim the UEC for themselves.

Elsewhere, developer Cloud Imperium Games has further expanded upon the salvage systems with ground-based and space-based salvage missions. There are three potential ‘difficulties’ you’ll come across. ‘Lawful’ missions provide opportunities to claim scrap with no risk of combat, ‘Lawless’ missions direct you to unprotected wreckages that might be targeted by pirates, and ‘Unlawful’ missions offer high potential rewards from recent battle sites, but with correspondingly high risks.

Finally, there’s an overhaul to mining with “An improved UI designed to deliver more information and clarity to players.” This should help you better ascertain the potential risks and rewards when mining, along with useful info such as minimum safe distances to avoid any potentially catastrophic collisions. Resource distribution has been tweaked slightly, with unique benefits now available to those mining in groups using multi-crew ships such as the Prospector and Argo MOLE.

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Star Citizen patch 3.19, Call to Adventure, is out now. Additional details can be found via the Roberts Space Industries website.

Hopefully, this release avoids most of the Star Citizen 3.18 problems that plagued the previous update’s launch. If you’re looking for more of the best simulation games going, or even the best multiplayer games around, PCGamesN has you covered.