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Star Citizen’s animation system models interactions down to the last detail

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It may be redundant to keep saying it, but the scope of what Star Citizen is trying to be is absolutely staggering. They’ve got the money to support it - even if some people may or may not be asking for their money back - but still. It’s not just that you’re in a massive galaxy with theoretically infinite things to do, it’s the fact that so many of those things are built to the finest detail.

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The latest Around the Verse video goes into, well, detail about one particular aspect of those details, describing how usables work. Essentially, the system allows characters to use stuff. Stunning new feature, I know, but the trick is that it allows for animations to respond to even the tiniest of details.

Those details include ship repair, which will see characters physically removing parts from vessels and putting them back on once they’re repaired. The kind of detail games still struggle with, in other words. NPCs even have systems in place to keep them engaged with whatever objects are nearby with appropriate animations, whether that means looking at a player walking by or taking a sip from a glass of water.

You’ll be glad to know toilets are also working.

Star Citizen, of course, is built on improbable promises, and its anticipated 3.0 update has suffered a number of delays. Last we heard, it was due in September, but that window has obviously come and gone. Someday Star Citizen will be an actual videogame, and it should have the animations to match.

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unwanted avatarDarkedone02 avatarWhiteCrow avatarjoe.blobers avatar
unwanted Avatar
5 Months ago

I keep forgetting this game is a thing. One day it'll come out maybe probably

Darkedone02 Avatar
5 Months ago

2020 is best, or 2019.... ever since it's announcement, they have a transparent development team and transparent work of development. It's great that they keep on showing progress, and show how healthy it is, dispute how people are doubtful about the game and saying silly shit to downgrade it's reputation.

WhiteCrow Avatar
5 Months ago

If they're going to such lengths to animate everything, and provide adequate physics, I cannot wait to see how much culling they manage to introduce. Without proper culling, the game will be an utter mess, and I may be being pessimistic, but I just don't see them following up this massive undertaking with respectable optimization passes.

joe.blobers Avatar
5 Months ago

Since this article date, 3.0 is now in Evocati hands. Which mean in all Backers hands in few weeks (end of October). Not bad for a game who was a scam months ago as per some famous troll :)