Star Citizen shows off procedural planetary landing in a seamless new video


Not to be outdone by Elite: Dangerous – which just released its Horizons update, letting players land on billions of airless worlds – Star Citizen has showed off some early footage of its procedural planetary landing last night, during a livestream.

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The Star Citizen video is a far cry from what we were shown in the Nyx Landing Zonepreview a while back. That showed off a scripted landing, which is how it will be handled at launch, but Cloud Imperium clearly didn’t want Elite: Dangerous to be seen to have something it didn’t.

Seamless planetary landing was always in the pipeline for Star Citizen, ever since that stretch goal was hit way back in 2014, but this is the first time we’ve been shown anything from it.

It’s an impressive display, and while it might not have the visual wow factor of the Nyx Landing Zone video, there are some lovely touches that make the planet visually appealing, like the planet’s atmosphere and the shadowed mountains.

This sort of thing is probably still at least a year away, but it’s already looking promising.

With Star Citizen’s FPS gameplay, it could open the door for a lot of interesting multiplayer moments – tracking a bounty across space and eventually to a hideout on a planet, for example.

Check out the video below:

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