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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will add free story DLC in December

battlefront 2 campaign dlc

Battlefront II’s loot boxes have been controversial, but there’s at least one significant benefit to EA’s new monetization approach, as all the game’s additional content is set to be free. EA have detailed what’s coming in the game’s first season, and confirmed that free single-player content will be part of the add-ons.

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Season 1 is appropriate called The Last Jedi, featuring content centered on the upcoming film. You’ll pick a side between the First Order or the Resistance beginning December 5, and this choice will get you into a series of special challenges with faction-specific rewards.

The big day is December 13, when Finn and Captain Phasma join the ranks of playable characters, alongside Crait, a new planetary map and D’qar, a new starfighter assault map. That same date will also see the release of Resurrection, a piece of single-player content telling the story of campaign protagonist Iden Versio during the rise of the First Order.

Season 1 will run through December 29, with weekly and daily challenges and new playlists coming alongside the added content. Star Wars: Battlefront II will release November 17, and if you’re an Origin Access member you can get a taste with a ten hour trial of the game.