Battlefront 2 gets Ewok hunting and cosmetics next week

battlefront 2 skins appearances progression update

Star Wars Battlefront II will have a major update next week, finally bringing out the revamped, cosmetic-focused in-game purchase system. It’s also getting a new limited time game mode which capitalizes on the world’s long-standing feud between lovers and haters of Ewoks.

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Crystals, the in-game currency, return on April 18. Now (instead of loot boxes) this currency only unlocks “Appearances,” the name for the new skins that will be implemented as part of the update. You can purchase these cosmetics directly, either with Crystals or the Credits you earn by playing the game.

There will be over 50 Appearances total in this update, including 40 trooper appearances. Here are the Appearances confirmed so far.

  • Heroes
    • Wounded Chewbacca, with Arm Patch
    • Scarred Kylo Ren, Patch over Scar
    • Administrator Lando, Bespin
    • Commander Iden, no Helmet
    • Hooded Yoda, pulled up Hood
    • Endor Leia
    • Endor Han
    • Ahch-To Rey
  • Troopers
    • Rebel – Heavy Quarren Rebel
    • Rebel – Twi’lek Specialist
    • Resistance – Heavy Zabrak
    • Resistance – Duros Officer
    • First Order – unnamed Officer Appearance
    • Empire – unnamed Officer Appearance

The new Ewok Hunt mode will also be available after the update, letting you either play as the tiny teddy bear aliens hunting Stormtroopers, or join the Empire’s finest in hunting them down. It’s more or less an infected mode – Stormtroopers have superior firepower, but every trooper defeated respawns as an Ewok. Ewok Hunt is described as a “limited-time mode,” but it’s not yet clear how limited that time is.

EA and DICE have also confirmed their plans for future content, following this progression update. The game will take a seasonal approach, with upcoming seasons focused on themes “such as a new Star Wars film, or an anniversary in the Star Wars Universe” and lasting multiple months. Season two will begin in May, following up on the Last Jedi season.