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Battlefront 2 story cutscene shows the Emperor’s last command in exquisite detail

star wars battlefront 2 story cutscene

Here are some hot Return of the Jedi spoilers for you 1983 folks. First, the Jedi return. Second, the Emperor gets tossed into a pit and explodes in a giant burst of his own evil lightning. Now, the upcoming Battlefront 2 campaign has you executing the Sith lord’s last command.

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EA have released a snippet of the campaign’s introductory cutscene, and it’s gotten my nerdy heart all aflutter. The Emperor shows up in the form of holographic man in a suit who commands our protagonist, Iden Versio, to begin “Operation Cinder,” a vaguely sinister little thing designed to squeeze the hope out of the newly victorious Rebels. It’s a bit like the Order 66 moment from Episode III, except not tied to the baggage of some films that suffer near-universal hatred.

The animation and direction are absolutely top-notch, and a new game telling a full featured Star Wars is something we’ve not had since The Old Republic way back in 2011. (This is your regular reminder that great as the Star Wars films are, there’s no tale in the saga better than the two KOTORs.)

Battlefront II looks to be addressing most of the issues around the first entry in the rebooted series, with a rad-looking single-player campaign and significantly more content for multiplayer. Star Wars: Battlefront II is set to release worldwide on November 17.