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Star Wars Battlefront dev responds as Steam reviews fall to 19% low

Frustrated Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection players get a response from devs around the disappointing launch, and it's fairly brief.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 poster

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was eagerly awaited on Steam, but its arrival has caused a fair amount of upset for players. Following ‘overwhelmingly negative’ reviews and all-time 19% low score (at time of writing), developer Aspyr has responded.

Players had a lot to say about the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, and it wasn’t good. There was upset around the ability to play across only three live 64-player servers, despite thousands of players unsurprisingly wanting to play. Considering it’s a multiplayer game, this caused an issue.

Following what has become one of the lowest ratings for the game on Steam and comments including, “this is just a quick cash grab” and, “Aspyr should be ashamed,” the developer has responded.

Developer Aspyr's response to disappointing Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection launch

In a somewhat brief statement, Aspyr admits it experienced “critical errors” with the network infrastructure causing “high ping, matchmaking errors, crashes, and servers not appearing in the browser.” To follow up, it reveals it’s been working on addressing the issues as well as increasing the network stability to “prevent further outages”.

In the meantime, it thanks players for their “overwhelming support and feedback” and, while the response is brief, the efforts to fix players’ issues are clearly being addressed.

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