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Star Wars Battlefront open beta will have offline mode

Star Wars Battlefront open beta

It may be an online multiplayer game, but Star Wars Battlefront will let you play offline and on your own in the upcoming open beta.

Offline opportunities come in the form of Survival Mission mode, which can be also tackled online with a friend in co-op. It’s the wave-based mode that we got to see in action at E3 this year.

The rest of the open beta will feature the Hoth battle in Walker Assault mode, and the newly revealed Drop Zone mode which will take place on Sullust.

EA and DICE announced the open beta on their community update blog, where they also offered a few more details on what to expect in the final game. Fighter Squadron mode will feature 20 AI characters (10 per side). On the ground in infantry modes, players will be equipped with a primary blaster weapon, and a hand of ‘Star Cards’, which can be customised. Vehicles won’t receive Battlefield-style upgrades, as they are equipped to be authentic to the Star Wars universe.

The Star Wars Battlefront open beta will take place in early October, and will be available to everyone via Origin.

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