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EA hints at more single-player Star Wars games after Jedi: Fallen Order smashes sales targets

Jedi: Fallen Order has already sold eight million units


EA picked up the Star Wars license from Disney in 2013, and the company’s only released multiplayer and mobile titles since then. Jedi: Fallen Order is the publisher’s first single-player Star Wars title (the first one to successfully come to market, at least), and it’s been a hit. It’s been a big sales success for EA, and the company suggests it won’t be the last of its kind.

Jedi: Fallen Order sales have already surpassed eight million units. EA hoped the game would sell six-to-eight million units by the end of the fiscal year in March 2020 – now the Fallen Order is on track to surpass ten million units sold by the end of that period.

EA also hints that more single-player Star Wars games are coming. The Star Wars franchise has “breadth and depth,” as EA chief Andrew Wilson puts it, and the publisher has realised that the broad fanbase wants a variety of games with the Star Wars name. Some fans want multiplayer, and others want the story experience – thus, EA will “build experiences that satisfy their needs and motivations.”

That’s all according to EA’s post-earnings conference call, and while it certainly doesn’t confirm the next single-player Star Wars game, it does make obvious which lessons the company is taking from Fallen Order’s success.

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As investors asked about plans to monetise Jedi: Fallen Order’s large playerbase, Wilson emphasised that the game’s long-term impact on EA financials would be through catalogue sales and Access subscriptions. Wilson says that Respawn is thinking about “where to take this journey next” – though whether that’s DLC, an expansion pack, or a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel remains to be seen.

Either way, further Jedi: Fallen Order content “would be different from what we see in an Ultimate Team or an Apex Legends.” Rest easy, folks.