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Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts - all rideable beasts and locations

Unlock all Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts to have your pick of which of the rideable beasts to traverse the planets with, and reach otherwise impassable areas.

A Relter, a yellow flying creature and one of the Jedi Survivor mounts, looks at Cal Kestis, as BD-1 approaches it.

Looking to seek out all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts? The action-adventure game based in a galaxy far, far away includes a multitude of unlockables, and hours of gameplay. Rideable beasts are just some of the many things you’ll discover along the way, and some are essential to your story.

Like many of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles, the majority of mounts can be found in Koboh and Jedha, the two most open-world planets in Survivor. Each mount has its own unique ability, so your rideable beast needs to be more practical than cool. These mounts aid in your exploration of the many Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets, reaching areas you can’t without them. Here’s your guide to Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts, where to find them, and their abilities.

How to unlock mounts in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Throughout the game’s story, Cal interacts with three mounts that allow him to gain access to areas that are otherwise unreachable. Your first mount, the Relter, is unlocked once you reach the planet Koboh as part of the main story quest.

Jedi Survivor mounts list

The Jedi Survivor mounts you can unlock are:

  • Relter
  • Nekko
  • Spamel

Once you have unlocked these Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts in the main story, you have the ability to tame them in the wild. Whenever you spot one in their native location, walk up to them and press the tame button to ride off on your new companion.

A relter, on of the Jedi Survivor mounts, sits on a ledge, and Cal Kestis and BD-1 stand behind it. Text reads: "Relter tame, Cal can now glide with Relters"


Location: Koboh

Relter is discovered as part of a story quest, and is the first mount you unlock in Survivor. A flying beast, the Relter can glide across large gaps to access areas otherwise unreachable.

Cal Kestis walks up to a Nekko, a feathery bird-like creature, and one of the Jedi Survivor mounts.


Location: Nekko Pools, Basalt Forest, Koboh

Nekko is unlocked during a main quest, so you won’t miss unlocking it. The Nekko’s main ability allows it to walk on slippery surfaces or flowing water that Cal cannot otherwise traverse. The bipedal bird-like creature can also double jump.

Cal Kestis rides through the desert atop a large Spamel, one of the Jedi Survivor mounts and a large creature with four very long legs.


Location: Divine Oasis, Ancient Ruins, Jedha

Unlocked during your first visit to Jedha during a story quest involving Merrin, the Spamel is a fast mount, able to cross the expansive deserts of Jedha faster than you can on foot – or on any other mount, for that matter.

Those are all the Jedi Survivor mounts you can unlock and use as you explore the galaxy. While you might think you look cool atop your Nekko or Relter, ensure you definitely look the part of a Jedi with the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis cosmetics and lightsaber upgrades. And while you’re on the adventure of a lifetime in one of the best PC games of 2023, we’re right there with you in our Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough, which can help you in every aspect of the Star Wars game, and takes you to all the other helpful Survivor guides you might need, padawan.