How to reveal all Star Wars Jedi Survivor scan locations

There's a secret way to find all of those sneakily hidden force echo and BD-1 scan locations without spending multiple hours on the job.

Cal Kestis searches for Star Wars Jedi Survivor scan locations

Are you searching for all Star Wars Jedi Survivor scan locations? There are hundreds of Force Echo and BD-1 scan locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. In fact, you’ll likely spend countless hours trying to find all of them. You’re either looking for light blue glows with wispy trails to hear these Force Echoes, or waiting for your trusty droid to chirp whenever a BD-1 scan location is nearby. Thankfully, our guide will help make the whole process easier.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor method to reveal all Echo and BD-1 scan locations is just one of many secrets that you’ll discover in the game world. Some will take you to ruins with intricate puzzles, such as Jedi Temples, where you’ll learn of what befell the padawans of the past.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Databank map upgrade

The method to reveal all Star Wars Jedi Survivor scan locations is known as the Databank map upgrade. It’s going to take a while before you can get it, as it’s part of a late-game location called Nova Garon. We add a few details below, but be forewarned that there are spoilers.

After a major incident occurs, Cal will be hunting someone in Nova Garon. As you proceed deeper into the Imperial Base, you’ll infiltrate the office of a commander named Denvik. Before Cal can give in to the dark side, he’ll have a change of heart, and he’ll only knock out Denvik. After this scene, you’ll be able to explore his office freely while disguised as an Imperial officer.

Cal Kestis infiltrates and disguises himself to reveal all Star Wars Jedi Survivor scan locations

In this office room, you’ll want to check the terminal near the window. Use BD-1 to scan this spot, and you’ll receive the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Databank map upgrade. As the description states: “Unfound Databank entries are now shown on the Holomap.”

Go ahead and open your map, and you’ll realize that every single “unheard echo” and “unseen scan” now has a small square icon that looks like a torn page. This applies to every planet and moon as well. As such, wherever you go, everything that’s scannable will be shown. All you need to do is approach that location and press the prompt to receive the lore entry.

This is just one of many secrets in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you’d like to challenge yourself, you might want to tackle the puzzles in the High Republic chambers, which will, eventually, lead to cool rewards. 

If your itch for solving puzzles hasn’t been fully scratched just yet, you can also venture to the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary or help Zygg and Wini find a dataslate, like a true friend.