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Report: After KOTOR remake delay, Saber takes over

After the indefinite KOTOR remake delay, Embracer reportedly transferred development of the RPG to Saber Interactive and expects no further delays

KOTOR remake delay transfer: A man in black armor wields a red lightsaber

Following Bloomberg’s report on the indefinite KOTOR remake delay in July, people familiar with the project now tell Jason Schreier Embracer has taken the space RPG from Aspyr and given it to Saber Interactive to complete. Schreier’s sources asked not to be named, though Embracer may have referred to the development change in its recent financial report, where the media juggernaut said it was transferring one of its AAA projects to another studio within Embracer Group.

Schreier said the dissatisfaction of major stakeholders, including Sony and Disney, was largely responsible for this decision. While Aspyr management reportedly believed the project could be finished sometime in 2022 or 2023, Schreier’s sources believe the KOTOR remake will likely not be ready for a few more years.

However, Embracer said in its financial report that the transfer shouldn’t result in any more delays, and Schreier’s sources said people close to the project are pleased with the change and believe it will ultimately turn out for the better.

Of course, even the KOTOR delay itself is technically unofficial. Aspyr debuted the project during a PlayStation event in 2021 without mentioning a release date or even timeframe, and there’s been no update since then.

Bloomberg’s first report on the KOTOR delay cited issues in visions from the development team and management at Aspyr as a cause of friction, and after significant resources went into creating a “vertical slice,” a demo showcasing progress thus far, Aspyr halted progress on the game and delayed it indefinitely.

You can check out the report on Bloomberg.

In short, there’s quite a long while left before we’ll get even a look at the KOTOR remake. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of space games and fantasy games to keep you busy, and even some high-quality free games on PC if you don’t want to spend any money.