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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake update shared by Disney

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake seems to be dead, or maybe not, as one Disney exec comments on the return of the classic KOTOR.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake: A jedi from Star Wars RPG game KOTOR

The Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake exists in a bizarre limbo state at the moment. According to some sources, the new version of BioWare’s classic RPG game is finished, over, never going to see the light of day. According to others, the KOTOR remake might be troubled, and going through a patch of development hell, but it’s still alive, and in the works. One of the greatest Star Wars games ever, a return of Knights of the Old Republic would be very welcome indeed. With Star Wars Eclipse also in the works, one Disney executive comments on the new KOTOR.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is one of the pillars of PC gaming. A pioneer of modern RPG games, it combines choice-driven storytelling, complex customization, and an in-depth open world, becoming a prototype for the likes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Originally launched back in 2003, BioWare’s Star Wars opus is still a terrific experience 20 years later, but after a remake was officially announced in 2021, we’ve all been waiting to hear more. The status of the new KOTOR seems uncertain, however.

Originally in development at Aspyr, a studio owned by the Embracer Group, in 2022 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake shifted to Saber Interactive. In November of this year, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb cited insider knowledge, saying that the KOTOR remake was officially “not being worked on in any way at any studio.” This was quickly contradicted by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, who said that two developers working at Saber had confirmed the game was still officially in production.

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Now, Sean Shoptaw, senior vice president of games at Disney, comments on the status of the Knights of the Old Republic Remake, explaining that the game is still in “demand.”

“Not a lot I can say on that point for some hopefully obvious reasons,” Shoptaw says in an interview with Axios, “but KOTOR is obviously an incredibly popular game, one that we are incredibly proud of and think that there’s still a lot of demand for. I’ll leave it there.”

So, the strange, cosmic dance of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake continues. The game is neither fully alive nor truly dead – its creators know the demand exists, but we don’t know when it might be coming. We’ll just have to wait this one out and hope for the best.

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