Knights of the Eternal Throne will hide another RPG inside The Old Republic this autumn

Star Wars: The Old Republic

In the last five years The Old Republic has come to embrace its strengths as an intermittently co-operative but often single-player RPG. Like other recent expansions, Knights of the Eternal Throne will take a widescreen cinematic approach to building on Bioware’s corner of the Star Wars canon.

KOTOR II still stands as one of the best RPGs of all time.

Eternal Throne will be one of the largest updates in SWTOR history. James Ohlen, Bioware director of design and one of the studio’s oldest hands, announced the expansion at this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration in London.

While there, Bioware also produced a trailer to celebrate half a decade of the game:

None of this is cut off from new players: you can already create a level 60 character from scratch, and play the first chapter of last expansion and prequel story Knights of the Fallen Empire for free if you don’t yet fancy forking out for a subscription or one-off payment.

In Fallen Empire the player character gained a new title – The Outlander – and travelled to the Outer Rim to face down the Emperor Valkorion and his Eternal Empire. That’s a lot of intimidating capitalisation, but as ever players had the power to change destinies, recruit companions and all that good stuff.

Fancy playing a de factoKOTOR sequel within an MMO this year?