Starbound finally has custom teleporters thanks to the Spirited Giraffe update

Starbound Spirited Giraffe update

Starbound, the Early Access planet-hopping sandbox, levelled up yesterday. The Spirited Giraffe update is a big one, adding something to the game that I’ve been hoping would pop into existence since I landed on my very first planet at the tail end of 2013: teleporters. 

Teleporters have existed in Starbound since the beginning. Every ship comes with one, allowing intergalactic explorers to jump between ships and teleport from the heavens to the ground. The ship teleporters were limited, though, transporting players to a fixed spot on the planet.

New, player constructed teleporters can be set up and registered on planets, meaning that finally you can beam directly to key locations — particularly handy if you’ve built up a base far from where the ship’s teleporter transports you to. And thanks to improvements in teleporter technology, friends can now teleport directly to each other instead of just beaming themselves to each other’s ships.

This is a game changer.

You’ll need a teleporter core to build your own, and you’ll be able to customise it to suit your style or your character’s race. Visit the Outpost store, the 2-Stop Teleshop to do that.

Another improvement to travelling the universe has also made its way into this update: planet bookmarks. Save planets on the ship’s navigation interface and build up a list of destinations that you can quickly travel to if you fancy revisiting them.

Spirited Giraffe, on top of travel improvements, throws adorable ship pets into the game, a new location in the form of the mysterious Ark, improvements to NPC pathfinding and lovely new biome: slime caves! Imagine walking into the aftermath of a hot, sexy Slimer orgy. That’s the slime caves.

Take a gander at the full patch notes here.