A Stardew Valley player is recreating recipes on TikTok

One TikTok user has already cooked 30 of Stardew Valley's 80 recipes

A Stardew Valley player on a farm stuffed with food

Food is one of the more important parts of Stardew Valley. Managing your energy levels in the chill farming simulator is central to the game’s appeal of growing in harmony with your limits, and taking the time to cook a hearty meal pays off with more stamina than munching down a slab of corn. But what if you actually tried to cook Stardew Valley’s meals in real life? It’s more complicated than you might think.

TikTok user The Queen of Sauce, or Ali, has already created 30 of Stardew Valley’s food offerings, with another 50 to go. Speaking to GamesRadar, though, she reveals that the most challenging part so far isn’t the sheer amount of recipes there are, but that some ingredients just don’t exist, while others don’t go together.

Ali reveals that the Strange Buns have been the most challenging dish for her to recreate for those reasons. You’ve got to make them with periwinkle and void mayonnaise, and the latter doesn’t really exist. The TikToker also has plans to re-imagine the recipe in time for Halloween to give it a much sweeter taste.

If you fancy seeing how Ali makes these dishes, you can find The Queen of Sauce on TikTok (link above). If you want to do a bit of cooking or baking yourself, though, then you can find the recipes on Instagram.

Once Ali is done cooking up a storm in Stardew Valley, she may move on to other games, so who knows, you might see something from another one of your favourite games.

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