This Stardew Valley mod makes the Alembic even more lucrative

The Stardew Valley mod Purifier finally gives you a way to make more money than usual from the extracts and oils you get from the Alembic

The newest Stardew Valley mod makes the farm sim even better by expanding on another mod that itself expanded the game. It’s starting to get a bit meta, but considering the base asking price of Artisan Valley’s extracts and oils, we certainly aren’t complaining. The Purifier mod from Lanturnalis increases the quality of essential oils, extracts, regular oils, and perfumes, which is handy considering there aren’t any other ways to do that so far. Artisan Valley lets you turn flowers into perfumes and beans and other plants into extracts, among other things, but you can usually only sell them for the same base price as the item you used to make it.

Having an extra use for items you’d otherwise just waste or ignore is nice, but getting some decent gold for them is even better.

The Purifier mod requires the Custom Cask mod and a few others, but like most Stardew Valley mods designed for greater immersion, you also need to meet a few in-game requirements.

You have to reach eight hearts with “someone who deals in exotic items” (and lives in the desert), but that’s not the end of it. Once you craft a few Purifiers and reach eight hearts with a certain mechanical and science genius, she can upgrade the Purifier and enhance its abilities for you.

Stardew Valley might be over half a decade old, but the mod scene is still going strong – and is likely to get even stronger, thanks to the upcoming modder-friendly 1.6 update, designed to make modding the game even easier.

The Solid Foundations project augments everything from processor capacity to adding an event theater, though the best Stardew Valley mods also include some just-for-fun creations, like the ice cream truck mod that adds a splash of flavor to every afternoon and a brand-new NPC to get to know.