This Stardew Valley mod adds a whole region, 24 NPCs, new romances, and more

Ridgeside Village is an impressive new mod packed with new places and things for Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a thriving modding scene, with ways to tweak, tinker with, and add to the farming game in abundant supply. Some of the best Stardew Valley mods are those that add entire new places to visit, people to meet, and things to do – and one impressive new creation has all of those, and more.

Rafseazz’s Ridgeside Village mod adds a “small town located on the west side of Stardew Valley”, as its creator explains. “Meet new interesting people with immersive backstories, engaging dialogue, and exciting events! Discover new forage, stories, secrets, maybe even fall in love? Who knows? A lot can happen in Ridgeside Village!” Looking at the breakdown of what the mod includes, this certainly seems to be the case.

There’s a whole new – and very pretty map – peppered with features like cherry blossom trees, waterfalls, and windmills among the scattered houses, farms, and the mod’s new shops. Plus, there are new festivals included complete with dialogue, and “over 200 locational messages” in the mod overall.

As for the Ridgeside Village folk, there are 24 new NPCs to meet, 14 of whom are non-marriageable, with the remaining ten being open to getting hitched. The former each come with “at least four friendship events”, while the latter each feature a number of heart events, more than 150 lines of dialogue, dynamic schedules, and more. Lovely stuff.

Alongside these new additions, the mod brings custom music, new forage items, and new legendary fish, too. Phew!

If you’re keen to take a closer look at the mod – or even grab it for yourself – you can find it on Nexus Mods here. As ever, mod with caution! And be sure to check out what’s arrived along with the recent Stardew Valley 1.5 update – there’s a new endgame region to check out which is worth getting a look at.