This Stardew Valley mod lets you romance a skeleton full of “humerus” puns

Meet Soli, a shy but sweet skeleton who promises plenty of laughs

Stardew Valley is chock-full of friendly folk to meet, befriend, and date, but there’s always room for more – especially when they add something new and a tad zany into the mix. Take LegendaryMrBob’s new Stardew Valley mod, for example, which brings an all-new face to Ginger Island – well, sort of.

“A new, romanceable character on Ginger Island!” announces Mr_Bob on the mod’s page. “Perhaps you feel there [aren’t] enough non-humans to befriend? Or maybe you just want Ginger Island to be a little more lively? Regardless, Soli is your… uh… skeleton.” Indeed, Soli – as said skeleton is called – is a new NPC for the island, which was introduced as part of the farming game’s big 1.5 update late last year. He’s very shy, the modder says, though he opens up to friendship once you’ve proved you’re “not planning on stabbing/smashing/slicing him to death”. Well, aren’t we all?

Soli’s also dateable, coming with “several” heart events as well as a new (“if small”) living area. Oh, and a “hopefully manageable number of bone puns”, which Mr-Bob promises are pretty “humerus”. Nice.

From Soli’s pictures and description, Ginger Island’s bony new citizen seems pretty different from the simulation game’s usual, hostile skeletons, which can be encountered in mines beyond certain levels, and will swipe at you with both close and ranged attacks. Soli’s not like that, no.

If you’re keen to welcome Soli into your Stardew Valley world, you can grab the loveable skeleton at Nexus Mods here. Be sure to take a peep at our rundown of the best relaxing games on PC, too, if you’re into Stardew Valley’s chilled vibe and keen to see what else is about.