Stardew Valley mod reworks vanilla mechanics and adds taxes

A new Stardew Valley mod adds loads of new features and modular customisation to expand the vanilla life game, and it even lets you tax people

A new Stardew Valley mod aims to completely overhaul the farming life game, by reworking almost all of the game’s mechanics and offering a “much more engaging and immersive ‘Vanilla+’ experience”. Somewhat similar to the Stardew Valley mod that channels The Sims, this uses modular changes to help you tailor your own experience.

The mod for the indie game is called ‘DaLion’s Modular Gameplay Overhaul’ and is developed by the titular DaLion. Taking over a year of work, the Stardew Valley mod enhances the different parts of the game but gives you the choice of what you want to enable and disable while keeping with the ideas of the base game.

“This mod is a compilation of overhaul modules, each targeting a specific gameplay component or mechanic. Together, the modules complement each other to create an enhanced ‘Vanilla+’ experience,” says DaLion.

“The modular nature of this mod allows users to cherry-pick features to their liking, while also preserving the deep native integration required between the individual modules.”

You can tweak professions, weapons and tools, the iridium band, and ponds, and it even adds some new ideas too. “ Professions is the original and largest module,” says Dalion. “It overhauls all the game’s professions with the goal of supporting more diverse and interesting playstyles. It also introduces all-new Prestige mechanics for very late-game save files, as well as exciting new Super Abilities for combat professions.”

Taxes are also part of the new Conservationist profession, according to DaLion, and they add a tax system that should give you a “simple yet realistic” challenge for the end game gold sink. You can find the Stardew Valley mod over on Nexus Mods.

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