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A Stardew Valley movie could happen if done by the right people

Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone says he'd happily make a Stardew Valley movie if the right people approached him to do it, like Studio Ghibli.

Stardew Valley movie: a screenshot of Stardew Valley the game

If you’ve always wanted a Stardew Valley movie or TV show, the creator of the colossal indie life game would be behind it, if it were made by the right people. With videogame movies varying wildly in quality when attempting to translate the medium to the big screen, there’s no telling how it would turn out. Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone says he would only do it if some big and experienced names approached him.

Barone’s Stardew Valley is a cultural phenomenon. The indie game about cultivating a farm and interacting with townsfolk is so loved that we’ve just had a Stardew Valley concert tour announced.

It’s a simple game about living an agricultural life how you see fit, so a movie or show would need to change a lot of what makes Stardew Valley, well, Stardew Valley, and Barone’s approach to a potential multimedia project reflects that.

“I’m just too protective of my IP to just hand it over to someone and say go ahead and make a Stardew Valley movie or whatever. I would need to be closely involved with that,” Barone tells IGN.

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That doesn’t mean Barone wouldn’t be game for it though, as he adds that if someone approached him with an idea that came from a good place, he’d say yes. “If Studio Ghibli approached me, I would probably say okay, let’s do it. If David Lynch approached me and wanted to make a Stardew Valley movie, I would say go ahead, just do it.”

Does this mean we’d get a Twin Peaks-style Lynchian mind-bender or a serene and thought-provoking Ghibli masterpiece? I’m going to wager no. But it does show how Barone is at least seemingly open to hearing what ideas people might have about the game. I could see a hand-drawn animation series of shorts working for something like Stardew Valley, reflecting the upcoming Dead Cells animated show.

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