Stardew Valley mod lets you live in Shrek’s swamp and in Shrek’s house

A new Stardew Valley mod transforms the Animal Crossing-like life game, turning the base farm and house into the less-than-fairytale homestead of Shrek

Stardew Valley mod lets you live in Shrek’s swamp and in Shrek’s house. A smiling green ogre, Shrek, against the backdrop of life game Stardew Valley

A new Stardew Valley mod lets you live out your wildest green ogre fantasies by turning your base farm and house into the muddy, outdoor-toilet-y homestead of beloved Dreamworks character Shrek, proving that the Animal Crossing-esque life game still has plenty of layers – just like an onion.

The combination of “Shrek’s House” and “Shrek’s Swamp” comes from modder ‘Wandox’, who lovingly recreates the iconic movie locations including tree stumps, postboxes, and the aforementioned outdoor convenience. The new areas replace the standard farm and standard farmhouse that is best used for crops and animals, as opposed to Riverland, where you get your fish, and Wilderness, which is normally full of monsters.

And if living in Shrek’s house, in Shrek’s swamp, isn’t enough to gratify your in-game ogre roleplay, Wandox has gone one further, with an additional mod that makes your horse look like Donkey. When it comes to creating a comprehensive Shrekdew Valley, this is another valuable ingredient.

And still, that’s not all. Let’s say you’re living in Shrek’s house, inside Shrek’s swamp, and also riding around on Shrek’s best pal, Donkey. But still, somehow, this isn’t enough Shrek for you in Stardew Valley. Well, thanks to another mod – though not by Wandox – if you head into town, you can also sit down and watch Shrek at the cinema. Become Shrek. Watch Shrek. It’s a mind-bending Inshrektion (sorry). Check out Wandox’s complete ogre set over at Nexus Mods.

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