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Not a single Stardew Valley player correctly guessed the new farm type

The Stardew Valley 1.6 farm is not a jungle farm, nor a swamp farm, and not even a desert farm - it's a 'blue grass and chickens' farm.

Stardew Valley Farm

The new Stardew Valley farm, which will be added in update 1.6 on March 19, has been a topic of speculation for many months now. Many, many Stardew Valley players posted their predictions online – none of which were accurate. Sorry, swamp-lovers!

Stardew Valley features virtual farms, and a lot of them. As your farming homestead is a key part of the gameplay experience, many players have gotten excited at the prospect of a new farm type, which was promised for update 1.6.

This naturally let to a ton of guessing: which new farm type will be added to the game? A quick scroll through the many Reddit posts on this subject reveals that “swamp farm”, “jungle farm”, and “desert farm” were top contenders, but nobody guessed the correct answer: a Meadowlands Farm.

Stardew Valley Meadows Farm announcement

Despite the many swamp hopefuls on the most popular farm-guessing post, dating back six months, it looks like the Meadowlands Farm is still warmly welcomed in the comments below developer ConcernedApe’s farm type reveal from March 18, 2024. Besides the presence of chickens and the grass being chewy and blue, he didn’t disclose much else just yet.

If you wish to buy Stardew Valley, you can find it on Steam. The Meadowlands Farm will become available when update 1.6 drops, which will be on March 19.

Make sure you’ve got the latest Stardew Valley mods to enhance your gameplay. And if you don’t feel like farming the Meadowslands right now, there are plenty of games like Stardew Valley out there.

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