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This bizarre Starfield giveaway is out of this world, literally

To celebrate Starfield's launch, CCL Computers are sending a PC into the earth's atmosphere, where it'll release golden tickets guaranteeing the finder a prize.

Starfield CCL Computers giveaway: a person in a spacesuit stands open mouthed with PCs, consoles, and peripherals float in the bottom right corner of the image.

Starfield finally has lift-off, with the early access Starfield release date arriving yesterday. Our very own Starfield review praised the space exploration game’s excellent side quests, calling it, “a giant leap for Bethesda, a small step for RPGs”. To celebrate the launch, UK-based company CCL Computers has gone a bit Willy Wonka and arranged a suitably explosive giveaway that’s well and truly out of this world.

Well, not quite out of this world. CCL Computers are hosting what it dubs, “the highest ever giveaway”, but we can’t confirm whether that’s true or just marketing hyperbole. What we do know is that CCL Computers is, “broadcasting the Chillblast Icon PC’s flight to the outer edges of the Earth’s atmosphere.” When it reaches the apex of its journey, the craft will release golden tickets which will float down to the Earth’s surface around, “the midlands & the south of the UK.”

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The lucky finders of said tickets will be able to redeem them for various, “free products on [CCL Computers’] website.” Those unable to scour the English countryside for them can enter the giveaway via other means, such as joining a Discord server or following the company on social media. The statement doesn’t specify exactly what you can expect to win, but it’s a fair guess it’ll be some kind of Starfield-appropriate computer hardware or peripherals. The CCL broadcast is live now on Twitch if you want to follow this madcap mission in real time.

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