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Starfield mocks its players but a modder is fixing its biggest letdown

Are you disappointed that you can't ride around in Starfield's mechs? One enterprising modder is working on making them fully pilotable.

Starfield‘s mechs are pretty impressive, right up until the moment you realise you can’t actually do anything with them. They just sit there, remnants of a war that finished before your journey began. But, thanks to a modder, you could soon be riding around in these sci-fi wonders.

Sci-fi action RPG Starfield has its share of flaws, as underlined by its recent “mostly negative” Steam rating. But the game’s biggest letdown is, by far, its mechs.

These Avatar-style combat machines are certainly impressive, and the first time you encounter one you’ll spend a good few minutes gawping. But the sad truth is that you can’t do anything with them. They’re little more than scenery and they just mock you with their presence.

According to Starfield’s story, both mechs and terrormorphs were used in the Colony War and when it ended they were declared illegal. But I wonder if, at some point, mechs were pilotable but the feature was canned.

The good news is that if one modder has their way, you’ll be able to ride around in your own mech. As reported by PC Gamer, modder Korodic is adding them back into the game and, so far, it’s looking pretty good.

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They behave how you’d expect them to and look suitably big and stompy. Korodic’s teaser shows them in third person and while you could have a first-person view, that would involve crafting a cockpit view. I doubt that’s this modder’s priority right now.

Developer Bethesda has teased “all new ways of travelling” and that could, in theory, include mechs. However, if mechs do end up Starfield I suspect they’ll be restricted to future expansions.

Why? Because as cool as they are, giving the player this kind of Starfield firepower risks unbalancing the game. You could just rock up in one of these and annihilate an entire pirate platoon in one go.

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So far, there’s no release date for the mod but it’s absolutely worth keeping an eye on. They’ve also produced a host of Skyrim mods, which you can find at Nexus Mods.

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