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New Starfield mod adds beloved Star Wars X-Wing as flyable ship

A new Starfield mod brings a fully handcrafted version of the beloved X-Wing fighter from Star Wars into the massively popular Bethesda RPG.

Starfield mods have popped up everywhere since the game first launched back in September 2023. There have been tons of mods that improve the game’s UI, visual and equipment upgrades, and so much more. Now, a mod for Bethesda’s latest sci-fi title brings over a long-time favorite spacecraft from another revered outer space franchise, all completely custom-handmade by one extremely dedicated modder. This Starfield and Star Wars crossover might not be what you expected, but it’s exactly what you need to make Starfield’s shipbuilding that much more intricate.

All of Bethesda’s beloved RPG games have popular mods crafted by dedicated community members, and Starfield mods are no exception. There have been dozens of mods that have gone viral, altering players’ space exploration in Starfield in unique and interesting ways.

With Starfield being such a popular game, it was inevitable that the game’s space-hungry player base would eventually develop a mod that brings bits of Star Wars over to Starfield. However, this particular mod is impressive to note as it’s completely handmade.

Uploaded by user ‘electionis007’ to NexusMods, the Star Wars T-65B X-Wing 1977 mod brings, yes, you guessed it, the X-Wing from Star Wars into Starfield. The video they uploaded below shows off just how accurate their recreation of the famous fighting aircraft is, with its iconic X-formation wings taking flight into Starfield outer space.

YouTube Thumbnail

The ship uses 16 different customized ship parts; electionis007 notes in the mod’s biography that the X-Wing is their favorite starfighter, and that this particular model is based on the red leader (red one) hero model.

Since the mod was uploaded, they’ve since updated the mod a few times to make sure the ship is flying just right. Follow the handful of steps they’ve laid out and you’ll be flying around in an X-Wing in no time.

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