Start your MOTAs: Transformers Universe trailer is a tactical car-fight montage

So games are Massively Online now? Does Transformers Universe have more internet than its nearest competitors?

Transformers Universe was an MMO for a bit, but now it’s a Massively Online Tactical Action game. If you think that sounds a lot like a MOBA, well, you’re onto something my friend. The common law of contemporary game-making dictates that any online PC game stuck in development hell ought to – nay, must be – recast as a lane-based strategy game. In accordance with that ruling, here’s the game’s first ever trailer from Jagex.


Fairly shiny for a browser game, which I can only presume Transformers Universe still is.

Jagex look to be doing some new things to the MOBA to justify that ‘T’. Rather than play as one of several inter-reliant gears in a watch, like you do in Dota, you’ll be the bobbly bit on the outside you pull out to change the time, turning all your subservient gears at once.

Or as Jagex put it: “As Commander of a new squad of bots, you will recruit, maintain and battle others with a unique collection of Transformers warriors created in collaboration with our friends at Hasbro.”

If we’re all commanders, that suggests a team of AI, or several bots directly-controlled by one player, or something – not LoL, that’s for sure. Squads will be “faction-specific”, and each come with their own playstyles, weapons and augmentation options.

The now-inappropriately titled Transformers Universe will be out in the Summer, with a beta expected sometime in the months before. Sign up for that on the official site. Are you prepared to chunkachunka-change your expectations to fit this newly morphed game?