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Stardock release tool to give Windows 10 the Windows 7 start menu


Windows 10 is out and it’s okay, especially if the numbers are to be believed. One problem with upgrading Windows every time since XP has been the severe downgrade in start button usability. Windows 7 broke the mold, both in that area and by being pretty great overall. Now Stardock, of all people, have released a tool to convert Windows 10’s tablet-friendly start menu back to that mouse-based perfection.

Start10 is identical to Windows 7’s start menu. If you’d rather it look a bit Win10 prettier but maintain Win7 functionality, there’s options for that too. Loads of screenshots on the download page breakdown visual options. There’s also this promo video, showing off everything the tool does and how it can look:

Anyone out there been on Windows 10 for a few weeks now with thoughts? I get the pop up to upgrade every now and then but haven’t made the leap as leaving my work PC unusable due to something unforeseen would be life breaking. Am I safe to move up?