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State of Decay 3 release date estimate and latest news

Now we have an official trailer from the Xbox Showcase, it's time to break down everything we know about the upcoming State of Decay 3.

State of Decay 3 release date

What is the State of Decay 3 release date estimate? Undead Labs officially announced the next State of Decay at the Xbox Showcase 2024, though we’ve known of its existence for a while, the reveal trailer gives us a bit more to go on.

For those new to State of Decay 3, this survival zombie game mashup is an apocalyptic open world where you’ll need to survive zombie hordes, all while building a secure base, keeping your people happy, and setting out on trips to hunt for resources to survive. It’s a challenging third-person adventure, with city building elements and some fun management systems.

State of Decay 3 release date estimate

While we don’t have a State of Decay 3 release date, our latest guess is 2026, based on the cinematic reveal trailer we received at the Xbox Showcase, and how State of Decay 2 released two years after the reveal trailer shown at E3 2016. Though we can always hope for next year, as State of Decay 3 has been in the works for at least four years when we were treated to its announcement trailer in 2020.

Though the first in the series is a beloved survival game, State of Decay 2 released with a myriad of issues, including many, many bugs, and while they were eventually ironed out, fans of the games felt the second offering lacked the story beats and character interactions that made the initial game so good. It also experienced its fair share of online co-op issues, as it didn’t have cross-progression and gave friends joining your game little to no incentive in helping you out, or experiencing the world together.

That being said, State of Decay 2 did end up in pretty good shape, and hopefully, laid down a more concrete path for State of Decay 3 to follow. It does seem like the new trailer addresses what was missing from the original story, the camaraderie and in depth characters we can get behind. We’re also hoping that the Breakdown mode is present, whether as an extra mode, a DLC, or baked into the campaign in some way.

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State of Decay 3 trailers

The initial announcement trailer was no more than a CG trailer, but it gives us a taste of a very cold world filled with hordes of zombified wildlife. The trailer kicks off with a woman sitting beside a campfire sharpening an improvised crossbow bolt. A wolf approaches, she lets out a guttural scream, and it retreats from sight. Later, during the day, she’s hunting on a snowy hillside, and sees the wolf being eaten by a deer. Looking through her crossbow scope, she sees the deer raise its head, and we see that half of its face has rotted off.

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The latest trailer hits a bit harder, introducing us to a few characters living among the pine trees, trying to survive the best they can be killing zombies and scavenging weapons, dashing to each others aid in a desperate bid to keep everyone alive. It does capture the essence of State of Decay, especially how quickly people can be lost to the violent zombie hordes that amplify as the game ramps up. We also get a glimpse of the Screamer, and right at the end, the Juggernaut lumbering towards the group trying to escape.

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