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Steam creator homepages let devs show off their entire catalogues

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An open beta providing homepages for developers and publishers using Steam has just been launched by Valve. The new pages will feature as a new aspect of the platform’s store, allowing players a new way to “explore the full catalogue of games” from their favourite studios.

The new feature, which has been dubbed Creator Homepages, was announced earlier today. It will allow players to follow their favourite developers on Steam. It’ll also mean that players will be automatically notified when those studios put out new games. 

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Developers and publishers can use homepages to set up a customised showcase of their full catalogue of titles. You can access each homepage by clicking through from the game’s store page. Each page will feature lists of top-selling or recently-released games from each studio, but developers and publishers can also curate their own collections of titles, divided up by genre, franchise, or fan favourites. You can check out Steam’s announcement for more.

A creator announcement page has been released, including a list of all homepages created so far. Valve acknowledges that this will quickly become overcrowded, so the top of the page will highlight homepages from the teams behind games you’ve recently played.

This isn’t the first significant change Valve has made to its store in recent weeks – an updated Steam chat is currently in beta. It looks to be a drastic improvement on the old system, but it’ll be fairly familiar if you’re a regular user of Discord.